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Klepper TS2 double seater - Ref 049SB

Klepper TS2 double seater- Ref 049SB
Complete with original frame but with a new specially made lightweight (TPU) skin, Reproduced especially for the DW race as this model is one of the fastest shaped boat ideal for marathons, being the narrowest and longest model that Klepper ever made (5.5m x 0.78m). This model has no sponsons hence the narrow beam - bow and stern buoyancy bags is recommended.

The frame is in very good condition. Large upright bow and stern kayak carry handles has been fitted. Exra pairs of large D-rings has been fitted on the gunwales - side carry handles can be self fitted to these pairs of D-rings

Seats are the original wooden seats - for racing purposes you may want to make your own lightweight high seats or we make for you.

Spray deck / waist skirts not included - spray decks for the common Klepper Aerius II 520 fits this boat. Steering system is also not included - Old version AEII steering kit also fits this boat.

Specially made rudder pedals / foot rest integrated with a cross rib for the rear paddler is available at extra cost. Also a specially made foot rest integrated with the cross rib for the front paddler is available too. Photos available on request.

Price - £2000.00